Via ferrata

In 2015, two Via Ferrata routes were opened for public. Via Ferrata are climbing routes secured with fixed steel cables and iron rungs and pegs which allow even medium-skilled mountain tourists access rocks which are normally difficult or even impossible to hike and climb.

Vír ice climbing wall

Since 2006, Vír has had a unique ice climbing wall. It was first opened by the Matuška brothers in the caravan site on the hill, and, in 2008, under, they moved it to a more attractive locality on the right bank of the Svratka river, near water reservoir Vír I.

Vír whitewater sports canal

While all along the Svratka river water just crawls on the riverbed in grass among boulders, at the point of production of electric power at the local hydroelectric power station it becomes one of the wildest streams in the Czech Republic.

Cycling routes in Vír and its neighbourhood

Vír and its neighbourhood is a paradise for cycling and mountain biking. While a dense network for road cycling has been built in recent years, mountain bikes have been a bit neglected.