Vír and its neighbourhood is a paradise for cycling and mountain biking. While a dense network for road cycling has been built in recent years, mountain bikes have been a bit neglected.

Planned trails

One of the main goals of our project is setting of the most attractive mountain biking trails and construction of single tracks, which should be also suitable for more adventurous bikers. We have also started to negotiate with producers and importers of specialised bikes in order to build a unique centre for testing of specialized bikes.

Extraordinary views

Probably the most beautiful biking ride starts on the dam of the water reservoir. Take the road on the right bank to the village of Dalečín. This route will charm you with singular views of water reservoir Vír I. It is suitable both for hikers and bikers.

Magnificent landscape

From Dalečín go on to Veselí, Hluboké, and Korouhvice. After 23 kilometres you will get back to your starting point, the dam in Vír. However, it does not really matter which way you take, as in Vír, you will find magnificent landscape literally wherever you go.