Adrex Base Camp is a unique place combining a testing centre with equipment rental. We can provide a wide range of outdoor equipment, which you can not only try but also contribute to the one and only genuinely independent and unbiased feedback and rating system. You can hire climbing equipment, Via Ferrata sets, custom-made bikes, water sports equipment, backcountry skis, and a variety of accessories.

Advice on climbing equipment

Are you trying to choose ice axes which will suit you best? Are you not sure which climbing crampons to get? Are you tired of recommendations from profit-driven salespeople and marketing “rubbish”? Come to Adrex Base Camp! We have collected the full range of ice assortment of ice climbing equipment imported to and distributed in the Czech Republic. We do not side with any manufacturer or brand. You alone decide which product you get. And that is not all – you will not be testing the equipment on logs or artificial ice climbing wall. You will have a chance to test ice axes and crampons on genuine ice and see all pros and cons.

Testing small-scale brands

In our Base Camp, bikers have an opportunity to test Czech small-scale brand bikes, with frames made of steel, titanium, duralumin, carbon fibre, and even wood. The landscape and terrain in the neighbourhood are perfect for testing or just for enjoying your ride. In case of custom-made bikes produced in small scale, this may be one of a few opportunities to even see and touch such bikes, let alone ride them. Where else can you mount a titanium, a steel, and a black-locust-wood frame bike in a single day? Would you like to invite your friends to try a gravel bike but you have had a problem to find a rental place with three gravel bikes available? Are you thinking of upgrading to a 1×12? Test and compare a 1×11 with a 2×11. We also provide a wide range of tyres, pedals, saddles, telescopic seatposts, etc.

Vír is a perfect locality

For our purposes, Vír is a perfect locality. For testing rides, we have prepared tracks of various difficulties; in winter, you can come and climb a unique ice wall; all year round, you can use several secured Via Ferrata trails; the terrain in the area is a mountain biking paradise; thanks to the water reservoir, the small municipality of Vír can also provide a water sports canal. These are just a few of all the activities you can do in this region, located in the pristine area of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

There are even more exciting localities nearby. We will be happy to give you advice and also a lift in our “Outdoor Shuttle”. The rocks near Nové Město na Moravě are only around 30 kilometres from Vír, and the well-known Moravian Karst just 15 kilometres further. Our 8-seater van with a tow bar is available to bikers, water sports lovers, and climbers throughout the year.