While all along the Svratka river water just crawls on the riverbed in grass among boulders, at the point of production of electric power at the local hydroelectric power station it becomes one of the wildest streams in the Czech Republic.

This fact did not stay unnoticed by water sports lovers, who have built an attractive white-water canal with a number of artificial challenges at the upper section, just below the dam of water reservoir Vír.

Campsite for water sports athletes

The sports facilities now include an improvised campsite with basic support, which is located on one of the river banks. Less experienced athletes can skip the whitewater section and start at the place where the river calms down. Parking is possible outside the former factory Rotter, opposite Vír rocks. From there you can boat down around 1.5 km to water reservoir Vír II.

Cold water is really cold

If you like having a swim as well, think twice before you do as the water is really cold. It comes to the river from the reservoir at the depth of approximately 40 metres, which results in its temperature not exceeding 10°C even on the hottest days.