Snowshoes TSL 325


all day
half day
200 Kč
100 Kč

Rental fee will be discounted off the price if you buy snowshoes equipment in Adrex Base Camp.

If you want to rent skiing equipment for more than one day, multiply the rental fee by the number of days to get the final price.

Before we rent you the set, you will be instructed on its safe and effective usage, and a rental agreement will be signed.

For each snowshoes set a refundable cash deposit of CZK 300 is charged.

If the set gets damaged during the rental, a fine will be charged, as stated in the rental agreement.

Equipment can be booked by phone (566 566 566 or 773 066 141), or via email: For booking through email, do not forget to include the product name, your full name, and your phone number.