Kostka Tour Max

Whether you decide to have a nice and easy trip through the neighbourhood or you plan to ride a long way further, you will always get a great unique experience with the footbike KOSTKA TOUR MAX. You will perceive the world in the new light while footbiking! So, step on and straight ahead!

Once you push off on this adult tourist footbike for the first time, its perfect driveability will make it a part of your body (and soul) instantly. You will get to like the footbike KOSTKA TOUR MAX thanks to the precise controllability and stability, even at high speed. We strove to take the frame to perfection by applying a special design and we also innovated the front fork so that these modifications could become the main assets of this footbike.

The footbike has a 26” front wheel which allows you to get over every unevenness and ride on moderate terrain without any problem. The tires Schwalbe Marathon Racer make sure that you hold the line precisely. They fit best on the smooth asphalt but unpaved roads in the fields or woods are no problem as well.

We designed both frame and front fork (supported by the 65mm wheel hub) a bit narrower in order to make the footbike comfier for you, whether you use it for trips or just in leisure activities. This construction prevents the pushing leg from touching the footbike and thus makes your ride more comfortable. Moreover, the two-chamber rims Dragon with stainless wire spokes and the wheel hub KOSTKA HK 6524 RS in the industrial bearings make the ride effective, comfortable and very quick.

It may happen that you hit something with the lower part of the deck, that can't be avoided... We tried to protect the frame during these collisions and thus prolong the lifespan. So we added a specials welds and a stiffener to the lower part of the deck that makes the footbike tougher as well.

This footbike is equiped with new ergonomic handlebars Kostka FBH 680-50 Al Wings which were designed especially for footbiking. The bar ends are adapted to your wrist and to natural grasp, thus your arms aren’t stressed more than necessary. The new gel grips provide comfort you deserve.


26" - 20"
Rigid 26" - 65mm
Shimano 4000
Front hub
Rear Hub
Schwalbe Marathon Racer
KOSTKA FBH Wings 680-50 Al
9,1 kg
9990 Kč
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All day
Half Day
300 Kč
200 Kč

The price includes VAT. The rental includes a bike, a pump, a pannier with a bicycle maintenance kit and a spare tube, a security lock, and a map with biking routes.

Rental fee will be discounted off the price if you buy a bike in Adrex Base Camp.

If you want to rent a scooter for more than one day, it is necessary to bring it back to Adrex Base Camp by 6 PM every day, unless stated otherwise in your rental agreement.

Before you rent a scooter, you will get instructed on the usage of the model in question, provided information on the technical condition of the scooter, and a rental agreement will be signed.

For each bike, a refundable cash deposit of CZK 500 is charged.

If the scooter or the equipment get damaged during the rental, a fine will be charged, as stated in the rental agreement.

For rental of each scooter, two identity documents are required.

Equipment can be booked by phone (566 566 566 or 773 066 141), or via email: abc@adrex.cz. For booking through email, do not forget to include the product name, your full name, and your phone number.